Based on new release of AgeProof, written Dr. Michael Roizen of the Cleveland Clinic Wellness Institute and financial expert Jean Chatzy, our financial eCoaching program pairs you with a personal coach to help strike the critical balance of optimal health and wealth. As Dr. Roizen and Jean Chatzy have come to recognize, you really can’t separate money from health anymore. If your financial life isn’t working for you, it causes so much stress that it takes a huge toll on your health.  And if you’re not healthy, the cost of everything from prescription drugs to doctor’s appointments means you’re very quickly going to run out of money. They have also found that many of the same principles that help improve your health are the same strategies that can help your bottom line, and vice versa.

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Understandably, health and money are often kept quiet and private. While there is a time and place for those topics, keeping too private can be to your detriment. At our most basic levels, each person has mirror neurons that cause us to subconsciously change our behaviors by automatically rehearsing what someone else is doing or saying. So when you surround yourself with people who are doing things that you want to do (perhaps a personal trainer or a friend who’s notably frugal), you’re triggered into following those behaviors. Having a coach for recommendations, education, and accountability can be key. And with financial eCoaching, you can get that support through the accessibility and convenience of email.


Michael F. Roizen


Jean Chatzky