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Personal one on one financial coaching

from Jean Chatzky and Michael F. Roizen, MD's team of coaches.


What is financial eCoaching?

Where will your retirement come from? Do you make enough to meet an upcoming expense? In need of reducing or consolidating debt? Getting a hold of your finances and having a plan for financial freedom can seem daunting – that’s where a coach comes in. Even if you have control of your health and  finances, the outside perspective of a coach can help keep you there and support habits so you can truly thrive.




Based on the new release of AgeProof, written by Dr. Michael Roizen of the Cleveland Clinic Wellness Institute and financial expert Jean Chatzky, our financial eCoaching program pairs you with a personal coach to help strike the critical balance of optimal health and wealth. As Dr. Roizen and Jean Chatzky have come to recognize, you really can’t separate money from health anymore. If your financial life isn’t working for you, it causes so much stress that it takes a huge toll on your health.  And if you’re not healthy, the cost of everything from prescription drugs to doctor’s appointments means you’re very quickly going to run out of money. They have also found that many of the same principles that help improve your health are the same strategies that can help your bottom line, and vice versa.

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How does the eCoaching program work?

Our coaches begin by introducing themselves, learning more about your goals and backgrounds, and explaining the program format. Then we start with the basics – tracking your daily expenses. Did you know that more than half of what you do each day is habit? When that includes spending, we can lose track of exactly how much and where money is being spent. Daily expense tracking will give you a clearer picture of where your money goes and how you can start making any necessary changes to your spending and finances. You’ll work with your coach to examine what your overall goals are, and break them down to achieve one goal at a time for sustainable behavior change, all through email exchanges with your coach. We work with you to come up with a plan for both financial independence and biological strength.


What to expect in working with your eCoach:


 Questionnaire to assess baseline finances


Daily tracking log


Plan to help meet your health and financial goals


  Lifestyle advice to increase what’s in your wallet


Consistent emails from your personal financial eCoach throughout the 6 month program